Homeowners' Associations Practice Group

The Homeowners Association Team at Higgins Benjamin has extensive experience working with condominium and homeowners associations throughout the state. We have the valuable skills, legal background, and experience to help the governing organizations of all planned communities address legal issues that are unique to each community association.

Our Team believes that collecting dues is an art, not a science. We believe that our success in collecting association dues comes from our ability to approach each homeowner(s) situation uniquely and form an avenue of communication with the homeowner(s). At all times we attempt to do so in a fair and professional manner.

In addition to assisting with the collection of dues, we can provide a variety of services to Associations. Some examples of these services are:

  • Responding to Board or Management Company questions
  • Interpretation of documents
  • Orienting the Board or Membership to the governing documents or to a specific issue
  • Attending Board or Association meetings
  • Attending Hearings
  • Resolving disputes with homeowner(s), such as Declaration violations
  • Amending the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation or By-laws