Appellate Practice Group

When you’ve previously been represented in a case that led to an unfavorable judgment, verdict, or ruling, you need to determine whether it’s in your best interests to retain another attorney for your appeal. Even if you feel that your previous attorney did an excellent job at your initial trial, he or she may not have the experience or confidence necessary to represent you in an appeal. Appellate courts are unique from traditional cases because appellate courts do not have a jury in place and do not determine guilt, liability, or innocence. Instead, appellate courts determine whether any mistakes were made by the trial court with regard to the legal procedure or the law.

As North Carolina appellate attorneys, we represent clients throughout the state who have, for one reason or another, not been successful in their initial trial. When you have failed to succeed in the first round of your case, you need to evaluate your needs when the case is headed to the next level.

Retaining a new attorney for your appeals case can provide a fresh set of eyes that can add new zeal and a different approach. At times, a trial attorney may have spent so much time on the original case that he or she has missed the critical detail or point of evidence that could turn the case. Successful appellate attorneys should be well versed in these levels of details that can make all the difference, and this is where a fresh pair of eyes from an experienced North Carolina appellate attorney. Appellate cases can be won or lost based on the attorney’s ability to conduct research and present solid arguments to the appellate courts. At Higgins Benjamin, we understand how important an appeals case is to your future. Hire experience you can trust.

John F. Bloss