Mediation and Arbitration Practice Group

If you are involved in a business, construction, employment or personal injury dispute, litigation is not your only option.  Arbitration is a private, alternative process to obtain a decision by a neutral arbitrator.  Mediation is a structured private settlement negotiation, aided by the involvement of a neutral mediator with particular skills and experience and knowledge of your business and your problem.  In general, statistics indicate arbitration and mediation are less costly and result in resolution sooner than civil litigation.

Arbitration or mediation may be a good option for you whether or not it is specified in your contract or employment agreement. Our Mediation and Arbitration Group consists of members with decades of experience in drafting arbitration and mediation agreements, representing clients in arbitration and mediation, and serving as arbitrators and mediators in industries and areas of law to which these members have dedicated their careers.

We are prepared to advise you on alternative dispute resolution options and to represent you in arbitration and mediation proceedings.  And we often serve as arbitrators and mediators to decide or assist the resolution of disputes between parties to whom we do not provide legal advice.

To learn more, contact an attorney in our Mediation and Arbitration Group today.