Intellectual Property Practice Group

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If you’re concerned about intellectual property legal needs, you should retain the services of attorneys who are grounded in experience and business sense. At Higgins Benjamin, the goal of our services is to help protect your inventions and ideas. We provide services to clients across the board, including start-up companies, large conglomerates, business owners, artists, authors, other creative professionals, and universities.

We work with clients to address an array of concerns when it comes to intellectual property. This includes acquisition and enforce of rights that may be exploited by others. There are many kinds of clients who can be impacted by exploitation of intellectual property, such as e-commerce companies, those who develop commercial products and services, and companies engaged in creating and producing industrial and scientific technologies.

If you need assistance with contracts discussing your trade secrets, intellectual property, and other matters, you need litigators who understand the field and are dedicated to protecting your rights. At Higgins Benjamin, we understand that you need protection before an incident happens, but you also need experienced lawyers to represent you if someone else is taking advantage of your ideas or creations. We protect and enforce your rights in intellectual property, but we also aggressively defend clients who are falsely accused of trademark, patent, and copyright infringement violations. Whatever your intellectual property needs are, we can counsel you about next steps.

You’ve worked hard to create your ideas and your products. Protecting them properly can give you the confidence that your hard work is attributed properly to you and that you have rights in the event that someone tries to exploit your intellectual property. If you have questions about the basics behinds patents, trademarks, and copyrights, how to get protection, or and how to handle possible violations, contact our North Carolina offices today to get your questions answered.