Construction Law

Construction law is practiced at Higgins Benjamin by experienced attorneys who have provided representation and counsel to the construction industry and design professions throughout their careers.  While unique legal principles and remedies do exist in construction law, fundamentally the practice is best served by attorneys who understand the business of contractors, owners, designers, and lenders; view themselves as colleagues in the industry, and work hard to contribute their legal skill set to achieve successful projects and prompt resolution of disputes.

No other commercial enterprise demands the challenging coordination of so many disciplines and conflicting interests.  Success requires each party play their role. Practical coordination is necessary to complete the project  —  or to effectively resolve a dispute

When coordination and communication break down, disputes happen.  When they do, it is critical to have experienced counsel who can guide you through the minefield of a dispute.  The lawyers at Higgins Benjamin have litigated, arbitrated and mediated thousands of cases, from a small plumbing change order on a retail upfit, to complex disputes arising when a large infrastructure project goes off the rails and is two years late.  We have also served as arbitrators and mediators, assisting parties we do not represent to resolve their disputes as economically as possible.

We have very likely seen and successfully handled the problem before and would be honored to help you with yours.  We think our practice provides the most value where we have the opportunity to examine a problem early, whether it is how to structure a project program or how to clear final payment, advise whether legal skills are useful, and to provide them, consistent with our client’s goals and business demands.

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